Cui Nasr (Gisha) - North Fadhel St. - Kasravi No 2 - 1st Floor

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  Beauty salon Maryam Darbandi

Beauty salon Maryam Darbandi

Darbandi project
   Employer: Mrs. Durandi
   Address: Ferhanyyeh Crossroad
   Stages of work: to do decorative ceilings with a knife - to make a decorative room with a canopy - lighting and ventilation - the construction of wooden artifacts - hairdressing equipment

   Beauty salon of silver jewelry

Beauty salon of silver jewelry

Silver Agro Project
   Employer: Ms. Shayegan
  Address: Tehranpark
  Stages of work: design - monitoring and implementation
  Includes: demolition and restoration of floor and ceiling
  Lighting and proper hairdressing ventilation
  Manufacture of wooden articles and hairdressing equipment